Thursday, 10 May 2007


I have just reliased that I have to hand in all my evidence of 'work'- i.e blogs, news articles, audio and video that I have produced for my online journalism module.

All the above- bar one- I am fine with, the video is what is causing the problem. Well i say problem, I have evidence, just not in a professional context.

Below is evidence that I can, well, 'edit' (to some extent) but the content of the video was something that myself and a classmate were just humouring, so for amusement sake:

Jokes aside, I am all for fairtrade tea, and even other products, I am a fan of fairtrade bannana's and was dubbed Chris Martin on their purcahse by a housemate last week.

As far as my video submission goes, however much it would amuse Paul Bradshaw, I think it is in my interest, (and his) not to submit it!! = ) Although he knows what I'm like.

No, best not.

I need to go and find my audio now...........someone please help me with my time keeping!!!!

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