Monday, 21 May 2007

Super Shrink Me!!?!

The online edition of the London Paper today published a short cover story on 'Supersized Supermodel' which basically took a very overweight 'eyesore' model and turned her into the 'skinny' model that are constantly represented in the media. The difference is, it isn't through some new fandagled diet or 'make me look ten years younger', in the aid of Liposuction and a few trips to the gym. It is done through using computer software: Abode Photoshop.

The video of the changes is below, take a look.....

How can we truely trust anything in the media? And why is everything made so it doesn't 'offend' the consumers eye?

Being female myself I know how hard it is to live up to societies expectations, no wonder mental illnesses are on the increase, the BBCrelating to benefit claims and depression said that "the number of people claiming because of eating disorders had gone up by 130% from 800 in 1997 to 1,830". in the UK when we are expected to be something that we are clearly not.

Super 'SHRINK' Me indeed.

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