Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Long time no BLOG

So I have to apologise to the world of bloggers and to be honest- myself- for not keeping up to date with this blog.

Its been hard when all I seem to be doing is working in order to funs my education further and complete my third year.

At the moment I am rather stressed trying to edit photo's that I have taken for a re-submission in my photography module- I have totally forgotten how to use photoshop properly! This as you can gather is not a good thing.

This seems more of a personal reflection, but at least it is about my work in the media.

Speaking of which- I have started freelancing for No TiTLE magazine again, which is an independent music magazine in Leeds. Something in whcih I can write whatever I want! Well as long as it is reflective of the music I am reviewing. Shame it can't count for my work experience for Year 2, something at whcih im cluthcing straws at. ARRRRGH.

Hopefully I am going to obtain a place at ASDA magazine through work, but we will see.

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