Monday, 24 September 2007

Smooth Operator?

I am back at University and a third year! It's all go go go from here, in at ten o'clock this morning and already on form, lets just hope that it keeps up to this kind of standard.

My first lecture of Semester 1 2007 is and was Design For Production.
Which I am very excited about getting creative with.

We were quickly introduced because of a new visiting Lecturer, who seems well up for involvement in our projects.
So assignment 1:


Now assigned to a group of four, a decision was made this morning to launch a new 'brand' within the juice/smoothie bar market.

What we will be looking to do is create a a brand new brand which can fit into 'The Feel Good' company, 'Innocent Smoothies' and the somewhat independant the already growing market of fresh juice drinks and healthy smoothies, such as and niche juice bar 'Zumo'.

We will frist be concentrating on the launch of the brand itself, but will be incorporating the opening of the first 'juice bar' within this new brand here in Birmingham.

We will be looking closely at the already existing market for research, and look at what our competitiors are already offfereing their 'healthy minded' customers, and then hope to adapt their efforts, mix them around abit, splash abit of design work, marketing ideas, logo's, maybe some carrot juice and some big and bold slogans to promote our ideas to the next level.

I will be looking into Marketing our brand, looking at advertising but mainly merchandising will be my main area of research and production.
I hope to produce a variety of merch for the brand, incorporating aspects of everything bold and bright, fresh and clean, not forgetting smooooooooth......

Intial ideas include slogan t-shirts to co-incide with the new 'lets say things on our t-shirts' craze, which would not only be warn by staff but would also be sold as part of the launch of this new juice and smoothie bar.
Fashion, Music, Healthy Eating, '5 -a-day', Bright Colours, Fresh Products, Fair Trade etc will all be aspects that will aid my design for marketing and merchandising this brand and its products.

To be honest, I really wanna open a juice bar now, I just need the funding.............

I will leave you with my favourite smoothie:

Image Hosted by

oh and one last thing the PJ smoothie website is just rediculously good on all levels, the design, the user interface, the links, the information and the simple and small use of flash. Take a look:


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