Tuesday, 9 October 2007

a fully functioning lesbian scholar

The rest of the world might as well find out through the same medium that has been the fuel for this new, happier and highly determined life that I am living right now.

Today, as part of my portfolio assignment for a Professional Journalism module at the newly named 'Birmingham City University', I pitched my ideas for a series of features, facts, fiction and general information about what it is like growing up with this, dealing with this, and coming out(with this).

...COMING OUT with many feelings and realizations about your sexuality in a world that seems to promote equality- it promotes all the promotion about it, supposedly embraces sexual differences, and orientations, yet at the same time slaps itself in the face with hate crimes, segregation and communities living apart- is a personal journey which I can continue through my studies and produce an interesting collection of articles for a professional newsworthy portfolio.

I am proposing to write very informative (from personal experience and life lessons), very specific and highly 'raw' pieces of writing that will explore the world of young lesbians in our society, the stereotypes, the struggles, the sex, the drugs, the rock and roll, the sensitivity, the longing to love, the needing someone, the sharing, the kisses, the tears, fears and the fights........and that's not all it.

My sexuality does not define me, as I'm sure yours does not. Yes I'm a Lesbian, but thats not me in my entirety, and I through this module and my portfolio of professional work I will hopefully, change, if not stir the ideas and perception surrounding the idea of being a lesbian, or a gay man for that matter.

I can't wait to produce something which I'm sure is close to home to many young, and old for that matter, gay people of Britain. It certainly is for me.

...and I get to do all this doing something which I love- writing.

I'm fully functioning, and it's never been better.

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