Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Student Rep Speech (cringe)

''......if you don't ask you will never know"

We all need to keep asking questions, we need to keep supporting each other, have resources available to aid our study; continue to have the ability to approach lecturers, to ultimately aid us in achieving our degree's, in this final, and most important year of our University lives.

This final year for me means proving myself, and aiming for what I know is achievable, it will be hard, and however hard that may be for myself, or for you, or the next person, I will be here to voice all your trouble and strifes to the 'big dogs' at the top.

I have had a terrible second year, and I am here, now, with you guys for the long haul, from sheer perseverance.....and maybe a little bit of stubbornness along the way helped too.
I would love the opportunity to represent you all as a student rep, I have the communication skills and finally the right head on my shoulders do it.

So, if you fancy letting me acheive that little bit more in my third year, then vote me in as one of your student reps.

...and if you don't, thanks for taking the time to read this and make sure that you get yourself to Faye's End of Year Ball....cos you know it makes sense.



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