Monday, 15 October 2007

EDITORS. Carling Academy 14/10/07

I attended the Birmingham stint of the recent Editors UK tour on Sunday.


The support acts for the night were also talented musicians, sharing much of their obvious talent and stage space with the Birmingham grown headliners.
First support Kissaway Trail.
originating from Denmark, with interesting vocals, at first I couldn't seem to get my ears round, the lead guitarists both passed around the microphone, and this gave the band a whole new sound with each new song they played. Very strong vocally and a very strong stage presence. Especially when all four guitarists (bassist being the fourth) have a microphone stand in front of their face at all times, and in one particular song, which I forget the name of, they all show of their vocal abilities and mash up an impressive harmony. They remind me alot of early Arcade Fire, with a lot more kick and less instruments.

The Kissaway Trail start their own UK tour on November 4th in Norwich, calling at Birmingham again, and finishing in Glasgow on the 18th, go have a listen.

Second support band were Ra Ra Riot.

Immensely impressive!!!

The line up includes:

Milo Bonacci: guitar

Alexandra Lawn: cello

Wesley Miles: keyboards / vocals

John Pike: drums

Mathieu Santos: bass guitar

Rebecca Zeller: violin

....and keyboards 'get involved' with lead singer and cello player taking turns to tinkle.

YES, a cello and a violin.

This band were quiet obviously quiet music 'geeks' that have turned it all around on their peers and wooed them with their apparent musical talent and love for making music, together.

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I'll try not mention Arcade Fire again, but seriously they share similar traits, I think thats just because of the involvement of classical instruments, and being highly successful with it.

The string arrangements work more than well with this bands collective sound.

I highly recommend going to see them live, they definitely put on a show.
And if you can't manage that then have a listen to the tracks they have on their Myspace.

Which leaves me to say that EDITORS were just plain and simply OUTSTANDING.

Tom Smith's vocals are nothing short of beautiful.
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..and they even finished on a personal favourite 'Fingers In The Factories'.

Go buy their new album, you won't regret it.

You must see them live to experience and understand what I'm saying. Sheer musical brilliance....and EDITH BOWMAN seemed to enjoy her self up on the backstage balcony too, what a top notch girlfriend.

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