Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Brief Interview

On the Couch with Dead Disco

……a rather comfortable, expensive, once was a very large cow kinda couch to be precise. Not that I sat on it! However, I did prop my posterior on the sinks in the Lav’s, where my laid back chat (actually horizontal at this point, I blame it on the vodka) with Lucy Catherwood, Marie France and Victoria Hesketh took place.

Okay so first of all girls I’m sorry that I’m actually half cut at the moment

Lucy: Oh don’t worry its not that we are actually sober to be honest, Victoria’s had a few
Victoria: Yeah I think we have a matching problem with the Vodka


Amazing set, did you enjoy it?

DD: Oh yeah….Definitely
V: It was a lot better than I thought it would be
L: I hurt my finger during the set (shows me a slightly bloody finger) I need like a Simpson’s plaster, that would sort me out

So, What’s the workload been like up until your single launch?

V: It’s not work its pleasure
Marie: Yeah, I wouldn’t call it work
L: We have had some late nights though, we didn’t get back in Leeds till 4am today after recording, then we had sound checks here earlier
M: And there was the balloons that we had to blow up as well

Yeah, I noticed. You’ve got a space theme going on out there, did you get your hands dirty with the paper mache planets?

L: Yeah we got well into it (laughs); we wanted more space stuff out there though
M: we were gunna dress up and everything
L: but there isn’t a fancy dress shop anywhere in Leeds that sells space costumes, like from the Jetsons.
V: Yeah. What’s that about?
L: Sort it out
M: Dya remember that maid from the Jetsons?
V: That robot, Oh yeah (stands and does strange robot movements)

The space theme seems to have gone down well with the merch…..

L: yeah we were trying to keep it all with the art work and stuff from our singles and all that
M: the T-shirts we’ve got with the woman Cyclops
V: and the robot badges…and the flyers saucers
L: oooh the flying saucers

Yeah I have had way too many of them, I think I was reliving my childhood a bit too much, so anyway what’s the best thing about being in Dead Disco?

V: the free make up

(All laugh)

L: we get loads of it
M: what’s the name of that one….


M: no, Versace
L: we do get quite a lot, loads more names
V: Ruby and Millie!!…Mac Schmack!

Ive seen the results of your shoots on your myspace page, they good fun then?

L: yeah definitely, even if from time to time the gay make-up artist does try it on
V: people have said I look like Annie Mac on the pictures (stands and looks rather annoyed)L: they say it all the time
M: people always say we look smaller as well
L: It’s the best thing ever though when you go on someone else’s page and they have your song on their profile
M: its like ‘arrrrgggh
V: that’s OUR song!

How was shooting your video?

V: So much fun
M: And our director Sann was brilliant!

It’s your first and last single release on the Fierce Panda label, right?

M: yeah, hopefully we’ll do want everyone else has done after getting a single out with Fierce Panda…..go on and get an album out and just keep going and going. Hopefully.

How was Leeds Fest for you?

M: I enjoyed Leeds sooo much
V: Yeah it was brilliant!
L: Absolutelty! We would have loved to have got weekend tickets and seen the whole festival but we can’t hack staying in tents
M: We got there on the Sunday, but enjoyed every minute of it
V: I don’t think I could have stayed in a tent, why would you want to stay in a bin bag propped up with sticks?
M: She wouldn’t have been able to cope
L: Yeah, her without her ghd’s, she can’t cope without them, look at her hair

But it’s curly?

M: yeah she does it with the straighteners
V: clamp and twist though, clamp and twist, I wouldn’t have been able to cope

So what happened to Reading?

M: was there an unsigned stage there?
L: it was just regional wasn’t it, up north
V: we were asked about Leeds but Reading wasn’t mentioned
M: yeah but we would love to be there next year.
DD: yeah next year definitely
L: would be brilliant.

And at that we leave the pleasant settings of Coco toilets and head for the bar yet again, and I’m off to munch more of those flying saucers, the sherbets got a kick!!!


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