Wednesday, 28 February 2007

PRIDE 07 - Gay Community

I have been reseraching and making contacts regarding GAY PRIDE in Birmingham this year.

The BBC regional news website for Birmingham has released a statement from the events director, and is as follows:

The plans for Pride 2007 have been revealed. Events Director David Babbington tells us why he believes this year will be the best ever.
"Birmingham Pride began in 1997 and now, in 2007, it’s time to make some changes. Lots of work has been going on between the gay community and Birmingham City Council to give the event some stability, growth, financial input and make it into an event the community and Birmingham can be proud of.
Sparkle at Pride
I am pleased to say we are now moving together under the umbrella of Birmingham City Council, making the event bigger, better, transparent and putting the community at the heart of what happens. The theme for this year is: “United for Equality”".

There is much excitement surrounding this years event, and with it being a decade of this event happening, then I can't think of a better time to do a large coverage piece for this- feature, photographs, and I have contacted David for a possible interview. I am also going to persue further articles surrounding the PRIDE event, and interview gays/lesbians that are students at UCE.

GAY PRIDE 07 is going to be my main article as part of the 'Gay' section that I am covering as part of 'Community' section of the UCE newsite that we are to produce in our Online Journalism Module.

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