Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Lets Get a Grip = )

As part of my University course at UCE in Birmingham, I am undertaking a module in Online Journalism. As part of this Module, myself and class mates are to create an online news site, research, write and post our own articles.

Our lecturer has had difficulty in commiting us, as a group, to this task.

My first thoughts on the fact that we haven't actually got 'stuck in' are that as a group, we don't communiate very well. Either being in class, or online, nevermind on moodle. Why is this?

Moodle in my opinion has become something to catch up on that lecture that you may have missed or to have 'a-go' at a course, or the people on said course, that in reality you don't hardly put any input into!!!
Maybe all this energy (and I am also speaking about myself here) should be put into making something out of this module- An Online News Site, run by not only students, but up and coming journalists. This is an opportunity that we can't afford to pass up.

In my opinion we need kicking in to touch, we need to learn to embrace the course, and work well as a group, and have that 'fuel' for the news individually, or this news website is never going to get on the way.

We wanted a challenge- so lets step up to it!

Its not just Paul we are letting down, we are letting down ourselves. More specifically, Yourself.

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