Thursday, 8 February 2007


hmmmm............Online Journalism......why?

Well one reason is, your reading this right now, and if your reading this now you are part of a heavily expanding online readership.

The internet at the moment provides far more than getting travel insurance on the cheap, that designer bag or a thai bride, for those that way inclined, it's a whole new open world of thoughts and feelings, opinion pieces and ultimately front page news.

Online journalism is become something that up-and-coming journo's not only need to consider, it is becoming something that they must embrace. News consumption online is ever expanding, and as technological advancement is ever going on, then the role of the traditional journalist must also change in its advancement.

With the 'help' of the internet, journalists are able to create a 'real time' news situation, where the reader is aware of the stories as soon as they happen, rather than waiting for the six o'clock news bulletin or for it to appear on the evenings front page. Not only do readers have a hightened level and speed of news intake on the internet, they have the ability to interact with the news inself. Posting responses to breaking news bulletins, and being involved in news forums and developing further informed disscussions within an 'online community'.

Hmmm....BLOGGING....what I am doing right now, and what you my friend, are reading. A somewhat irrelevant and pointless speech (to you), about why online journalism is so important, a point in itself, that online journalism reaches a wider scope compared to traditional print journalism. Blogging is an opportunity for anyone to voice there opinion to the world, this is also true of the news on online, online journalism has created the 'citizen journalist', a concept that print journalism cannot offer. Everyday citizens are able to provide the news, aswell as contribute there opinion on the day's news story, an example would be the images used in the London Bombings. Grainy, raw and original images from the source of the breaking news story, as it happens, at the scene.

*cue sales pitch*

So get the news as its hot! HA! Switch to Online.


Paul Bradshaw said...

How about some quotes or facts (with links) to back your case up?

Jessica James said...

okay I will work on it.