Thursday, 22 March 2007

Online Interviews

I have had some promising responses from my contacts regarding taking part in interviews via email.

This method works very well for both myself and the people that I have been chasing down for interviews.

Its fast, it's reliable and no doubt convienient to those with busy schedules- they can respond as an when they lack (within a certain deadline of course), and it all works out for both 'parties' involved.

So, in the next few days I should have had responses- and hence more articles that are relevant for the gay community section of UCE News.

I have already received a more than positive response from the captain of Birmingham Blaze- a gay and straight football team in Birmingham, and hope to ficnish this feature with images and links shortly.

Other than this I am looking towards some more Music based articles, review local gigs in Carling Academy and The NIA. Yet I feel that this has less relevance as news on a 'local level'- which is what we are aiming to acheive within the website.

Interviews are obviously something that are core to a promising article.

Perhaps with the growth of online journalism we will see the growth of 'online interviews' and a whole new approach on how to get that well needed quote.

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