Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Stirring it up

Last week we all had a talk from The Stirrer website owner and editor Adrian Goldberg.

This talk was along the lines of any seminar talk from an 'outside speaker' in the field of media, but I found myself actually being interested in what he had to say, and pleased to see how much Adrian seemed to enage with us as a group of young professional writers. This 'talk' was arranged by our lecturer Paul Bradshaw , who is monitoring our progression as online journalists throughout our 'Online Journalism' year two module.

So......we all went around the classroom and introduced ourselves and our role for the UCE newsite, "Hi..yes, Hi I'm", "I'm sports", "oh yes I have been covering technology" "yes"...when it got to my turn, (thinking nothing at the time) "I am the gay community correspondant, but I also dabble with fashion and music stories", and that was that.

Later on in the seminar we were seperated into groups to brainstorm ideas for our Assignment 2 assessment- to produce somehing news worthy and relevant to Birmingham for our interactive part of the newsite . Which if you did click the link and go visit it, you would realise it is in serious need of updating.

Okay, so what is there at the moment in my opinion is rediculously simple and after seeing examples of interactive pages, such as this interactive database on the Florida Herald Tribune which is a brillaint example of how to use interactivity on line. The page is there to help tackle the issues of child abuse in the American state through the use of online interactivity. There is a particular page that demonstrates the process of filing a complaint of child abuse, which without this interactivity, and just text would not engage the reader at all.

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Although very professional the page in the Florida Herald Tribune , this is something that I would be looking to acheive through this interactivity assignment.

After brainstorming within a group of four girls, myself and a fellow 'head strong' member Charlotte Dunckley decided that the most promising and definately news worthy topic would be Birmingham Pride 07. This would allow us to involve an interactive map of this years pride, the route of the parade history of pride- involving an interactive timeline, lots of colourful graphics and images of this years event and previous years.

This is the point where the need to voice our interactive ideas to Paul Bradshaw and Adrain Goldberg came about.

With my role being 'gay correspondant' for our news site, I took it upon myself to voice our ideas and pitch what we had in mind for the interactivity pages, so I voice our ideas as the 'gay correspondant', after which Adrian replies, "Well you would know what they have to offer you in the gay community".

GREAT, he thinks I'm a lesbian!!!

So I went along with it and replied to him as if I was a lesbian as not to offend him, or cause an wierd atmosphere. This little episode lasted several minutes in which I was an 'assumed lesbian'. I am not at all offended by this, I just found it comical that he thought I was GAY because I am 'the gay correspondant', then again, if you put it like that, then it does spell itself out.

After the seminar finished I shared this amusement with my classmate, and cooky housemate Roz(Rosalind Brabner), to which she responded with large amounts of laughter......and who was to over hear and get in on the laughs but
Paul Bradshaw ...I find it wonderful I am now the centre of a run in joke with my lecturer regarding my sexuality! HA!

So Paul, and Adrian I suppose (ha ha ha), I leave you this:

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P.S Thanks for an entertaining and informing lecture last week.

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